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UTEP Campus EDGE is the university's central source for professional development information. It offers a comprehensive listing of campus workshops, training activities, and more. You can browse events by audience, category, or unit. Create a profile for yourself by logging in with your UTEP SSO or a GUEST account. You will then be able register for listings and import your selections to your personal calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit an event?

A campus unit may have one or more designated coordinator. Upon training, they will be provided access to create and submit an event. 

If you represent a UTEP academic department, organization, or student group which does not have a calendar administrator, you may request an account.

Contact us via Steven Varela at stvarela@utep.edu if you have additional questions about obtaining an administrator account.

What events can be posted?

Approved events that are open to the UTEP community or open to the public can be advertised on Campus EDGE if they meet the following requirements:

    • the event is sponsored by an approved unit or organization;
    • the event venue has been reserved for the proposed date and time;
    • required approvals are established.

External companies or organizations to UTEP may not post events.

When will events be posted?

Published events will generally be posted within 24 hours of submission. The calendar editor reviews newly published events regularly. If an event does not appear to meet the requirements, it will be removed from the system. Publication of events is at the discretion of Campus EDGE administrators.

Can my event be a "featured event"?

Featured events are simply that particular month's events in chronological order by time and date.  No preference is given to a college, department or unit.

How do I change event information on the calendar?

As a unit coordinator, you can edit, cancel or remove previously entered events. A change of venue, date/time or scope must be approved by the space-granting entity.

How do I add a photo or image to an event listing?

Images should be cropped to 300 x 300 pixels and saved as JPEG or a PNG. Training will be provided about creating events and adding photos is included in the process.

What are the penalities for misuse of this website?

Event submissions must comply with UTEP's web policies and procedures. Individuals will be held responsible for all information submitted using their account.

UTEP's Campus EDGE administration reserves the right to delete and/or edit event listings if the information provided does not meet the above mentioned criteria or violates university policy, local, state or federal laws.

Participation in the Campus EDGE platform is a privilege that can be revoked at the discretion of administrators.


Login/Create a Profile

You must LOGIN with UTEP or GUEST credentials to register for event listings. Coordinators can post events.