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UTEP Campus Edge

Creative Studios (CS) has provided this platform to our campus partners to post upcoming workshops and trainings geared specifically to meet the needs of faculty, staff, students at UTEP.

We believe personal and professional growth thrives when inquiry, exploration, and researched “best practices” are valued and encouraged as meaningful learning experiences. 

This resource can be useful for campus coordinators to announce, market, and register participants for professional development. Submissions from University colleges, departments and official student organizations are welcome.

CAMPUS EDGE is not part of an official scheduling system, i.e., posting on this calendar will not reserve that location and time for your professional development opportunity. Scheduling locations must still be done through established University procedures.

Not all campus opportunities are listed. This is not meant to be a personal calendar.

Please contact Steven Varela at stvarela@utep.edu if you have any questions, or would like more information.

Come join us to learn, collaborate, and network!





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