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Graduation is near and we want you to be prepared with your UTEP Lifelong Email Forwarding Address (LEFA).

UTEP offers alumni a permanent, forwarding email address that can be shared with friends or colleagues. Any email sent to your alumni.utep.edu address will be forwarded to your current preferred non-UTEP email inbox (Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, etc.).

In order to receive messages sent to your alumni.utep.edu, forwarding must be activated. To activate your UTEP LEFA, log in and provide us with your non-UTEP personal email address. Upon graduation, all correspondence sent to your alumni.utep.edu will be automatically forwarded to the personal email address you provided. Upon receiving your degree, you will receive a notification from us letting you know that your forwarding address is ready to use, in addition you will receive instructions on how to change the forwarding address in the future.

If you have any questions about setting up your alumni.utep.edu email forwarding address, or about its functionality, please email us at OnlineCommunity@utep.edu.

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation – GO Miners!

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